Project 1


When designing the Metropolis, we wanted to bring into the home bedroom the most luxurious boutique hotel experience.  Aiming to incorporate exclusive materials and having the end users’ ultimate comfort in mind, this capsule of our collections transcends any typical bedroom design. It consists of a luxurious bespoke bedroom set, a stunning wardrobe unit with gorgeous glass doors and a wall system that is monochrome, offers plenty of storage and is guaranteed to bring a unique aura into your space.

The Metropolis contains a linen textured bed with an oversized headboard, a hydraulic mechanism offering plenty of easily accessible storage under the bed and matching bedside tables offered in a standalone and as an integrated floating version.


Unique Design

The Wall unit is highly modular and has an infinite number of configurations. It may include a dressing table, a workstation, a fireplace, feature your favourite works of art and be a hub for all your multimedia equipment.