Living Room

Living Room

Designed for the multifunctional everyday life

[ A Moralia living room reinterprets the contemporary needs of this multifunctional space. We take a built-in architectural approach to our living room designs, blending the boundaries between the flow of furniture and architectural elements of the room. Our designs enhance the composition of your living room by adding character and style as well as making it highly functional. ]

The synthesis of emotions and functional innovative design

Each of our living room systems is a result of research into the dynamics of contemporary living spaces with the goal to enhance functionality and bring muted elegance into your home.

Many functional features are available to be discretely integrated into our wall units allowing for a highly personalized and functional use of the space.

The highly modular nature of our designs allows for custom configurations and infinite possibilities to transform your space.

Architectural lighting solutions are integrated into all our designs to make sure that everything is easily accessible and creating a captivating interplay between light and shadow.

Some of our wall units are designed to have multiple depths which when enhanced with our exclusive material choices create a dynamic three-dimensional effect that looks different from every perspective.


[ Discover our collection of six different living room proposals displaying sophisticated innovative contemporary design and high attention to every detail, which may serve as a source of inspiration and as a point of reference for your future custom Moralia living room project. ]

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We create unique designs and manufacture in-house at our state-of- the-art Canadian facility to meet all of your custom needs.

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