Home Office

Home Office

stretching the boundaries between the professional and personal space

[ Workplaces are now more than ever in a constant state of transformation. In the recent past we experienced many challenges of having to contain our professional lives within the boundaries of our own homes. Keeping this in mind, we put a lot of research into how to create both inspiring and productive work areas within the home that are both refined and exceed all the needs that may arise by the contemporary professional.  ]


The synthesis of emotions and functional innovative design

Each of our home offices is designed to be infinitely flexible and configurable to your specific needs.

A refined selection of materials in conjunction with solutions that may transform from large rooms to small spaces in the house makes the transition from office to home a pleasant experience.

Ergonomics is at the core of our home office design process.

Architectural lighting solutions are integrated into all our designs to make sure that everything is easily accessible and to promote well being and the ability to focus.

Built for the needs of the contemporary world


[ Discover our collection of three different home office proposals displaying sophisticated innovative contemporary design and high attention to every detail, which may serve as a source of inspiration and as a point of reference for your future custom Moralia home office project. ]

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We create unique designs and manufacture in-house at our state-of- the-art Canadian facility to meet all of your custom needs.

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