Dining Room

A contemporary reinterpretation

[ A very special shared space of the home where family and friends gather for special occasions and everyday life. A lot of diverse inspirations and ongoing aesthetic research goes into our dining room designs. A combination of the finest and most diverse materials in conjunction with constantly evolving forms leads to a creation of memorable products consisting of dining tables, wall systems and displays that bring cutting edge contemporary design and functionality into your home. ]


The synthesis of emotions and functional innovative design

Adaptable to your space and needs, making the dining room an exciting place in your home.

Reimagining the contemporary dining room aesthetic by introducing innovative designs and expressing them through the finest materials available.

All our dining room consoles, and wall units are designed to bring luxury refinement and create unique organizational solutions in your space.

Our dining rooms feature multiple integrated lighting solutions that draw attention to all the important objects and set the desired mood in the space.

All the Moralia dining tables may be infinitely configured to fit your dining space. We display some of our finest woodworking skills in the construction of our tables in combination with the latest new technologies and material choices which allow for fingerprint resistance, scratch resistance and smooth soft touch textures or in other words: our dining tables are resistant to the impact of everyday use.


[ Discover our collection of three different dining room proposals displaying sophisticated innovative contemporary design and high attention to every detail, which may serve as a source of inspiration and as a point of reference for your future custom Moralia dining room project. ]

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We create unique designs and manufacture in-house at our state-of- the-art Canadian facility to meet all of your custom needs.

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