an oasis devoted to relaxation

[ Always aiming to create a luxurious spa experience within the home while experimenting with various geometrical forms and minimalistic lines, our bathroom solutions aim at bringing you the ultimate comfort while (re)imaging the form of the bathroom. Offering a wide selection of suspended bathroom washbasins, unique cabinet and vanity solutions as well as shelves and mirrors in order to bring the desired aesthetic into your bathroom. ]

The synthesis of emotions and functional innovative design

We manufacture custom solutions to accommodate your bathroom size and needs.

Clean lines and uncluttered geometrical shapes in conjunction with luxurious sustainable materials define the Moralia bathroom.

Modular vanities and suspended cabinetry of a multitude of configurations offer ample storage for all the bathroom accessories.

Our custom bathroom designs have integrated lighting solutions creating the desired relaxing ambient effect.

Guided by the desire to (re)imagine the form of the contemporary bathroom in order to transform this space more into a place of retreat and calmness and further away from the look of a traditional bathroom. Our research and development team is constantly working on new ideas to create unique environments which challenge the mainstream aesthetics and bring innovative ideas into this space.

Children's Room